Party Agenda
Party starts when first beer is opened 11 a.m. Toasting Contest 11:30 a.m. Micro Beer Exchange (no macros please) 12:00 noon Potluck Lunch 1:30 p.m. Move to B & L Bar 2:00 p.m. Antique Beer Tasting Usually a small auction follows the Antique Beer Tasting The  auction is typically the end of the official party....but not necessisarily the end of the partying.  Times are approximate Micro Beer Exchange procedures: take out as many beers as you put in.  The idea is to try and bring something a little different or from out of the area so participants have the opportunity to try something new or different.  Homebrews are allowed.  Please try to avoid the common brews even if they are supposed to be craft beer.  Make it fun by searching out something new. Toasting Trophy: person with the best toast gets their name on the traveling trophy.  They bring it back the following year so the next winner can get their name engraved and display it for a year. Potluck Lunch: The chapter provides shrimp cocktail and some type of meat (usually ham).  Everyone should bring a dish to share.  Paper plates and plastic utensils are provided. Antique Beer Tasting: participate at your own risk!  Participants bring old beers to open and taste.  The remainder of the can or bottle is poured into a bucket for those brave souls that want a full glass.  Auction: most years club members and the B&L Bar/Schell’s Brewery have donated some items for a small fund raiser auction conducted in the bar.  Anyone in the bar is allowed to bid on the items.  Money from items sold go into the chapter’s general fund. Come and enjoy.  It’s a time you’ll always remember.  Prosit!
Lets Have One!
13th Annual Christmas Party
Sat, Dec 10th @ 9 a.m. till ???? Mark Stueber Residence 1525 S. Minnesota, New Ulm, MN
Tom Terwilliger (515) 341-3347